Everything in stock, new and future projects!

Everything in stock, new and future projects!

In the past few months, we've faced some challenges in acquiring certain parts for PAROL6 control boards, leading to delays in fulfilling promises regarding availability. However, during this time, we've remained productive by focusing on other projects.

We're excited to announce that we now have everything in stock, and we're committed to ensuring that such shortages won't occur again in the future. Additionally, we've managed to reduce the price of control boards by 21% and have implemented upgrades to the connectors for easier wire connections.

On the left side are the old connectors that you needed to press with a screwdriver or a tool, on the right side are the new connectors that can be pressed with a finger.

Regarding the projects we've been working on:

  1. Spectral BLDC Motor Controller: We've developed the most cost-effective FOC-based BLDC controller on the market. This controller, which comes in a compact NEMA 17 format, features open-source firmware, autocalibration capabilities, and all the essential functionalities required for building advanced robots. It includes features like Daisy chain CAN bus, torque, speed, and position control modes, Impedance control mode, UART control and a lot of safety features. Check out the product page or Github for more information. We plan to base all our future products on this line of drivers, including a closed-loop PAROL6 and a new 7DOF arm currently in development.

  1. SSG-48 Adaptive Electric Gripper: Based on the Spectral BLDC motor controller, we've created the SSG-48 adaptive electric gripper. This gripper offers performance comparable to industrial electric grippers that cost thousands of euros, and the best part is you can build your own. It surpasses anything available online in terms of control modes, safety, speed, and controllability. While we're still working on the documentation, you can already start building your own or purchase one.

In addition to our product developments, we're proud to announce the launch of the Source Robotics Forum:
While Discord is a great community tool, it lacks readability and a history of answered questions and posts. By integrating both Discord and the forum, we aim to enhance the user experience when seeking answers and sharing builds and projects.

Feel free to join us on the forum and say Hi! 

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