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SSG-48 adaptive electric gripper

SSG-48 adaptive electric gripper

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SSG-48 adaptive electric gripper is a gripper based on Spectral micro BLDC drivers. It is a gripper capable of controlling its gripping force, making it perfect for assembly tasks and human-robot collaboration. Force can be adjusted from 5 N to 80 N allowing you to grasp a wide range of items; from delicate and soft to rigid and sturdy.
Mechanical files are open source allowing you to add a custom griping tool and attach it to any robotic arm or robot. Gripper software is also open-source. Gripper has a stroke of 48 mm and a mass of 400g.

SSG-48 adaptive electric gripper is available as a fully assembled gripper or you can build your own by following these instructions!

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  • Simple to program

    Created to be paired with PAROL6 commander software. Easy to use communication interface via CAN bus or UART.

  • Modular design

    Open source mechanical design allows you to adapt the gripper to any robot.

  • Safe

    Uses current sensing to detect contact with the objects. Can control amount of force it applies to the objects!

  • Electrical specs

    • Motor: BLDC 11 pole pair
    • CAN bus protocol: 1 Mbit
    • Standby current: 20mA
    • Standby power: 0.5W
    • Voltage: 12 -24V

  • Gripper specs

    • Stroke: 48 mm
    • Grip force: 5N to 80N
    • Grip payload
    • Gripper weight: 400g
    • Closing speeds:
    • Operating temperature: -10, +70
    • Body material: PETG plastic
    • Control and configure your gripper with open source GUI.
    • Need to change the firmware of the gripper to fit your needs? It runs on spectral firmware software that is also Open-Source!
    • SSG-48 gripper is fully integrated with PAROL6 robotic arm and its control software but you can use easy to use Python API to control your gripper with any robotic arm and system with few lines of code!