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Spectral Micro BLDC controller

Spectral Micro BLDC controller

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Spectral Micro is a brushless motor controller designed to offer affordable and capable hardware, complemented by open-source software. It supports multiple firmware options and integrates a 14-bit magnetic encoder, inline current sensing, CAN data interface, and provides support for position, velocity, torque, and impedance control. Everything you need for developing high-performance robotic solutions is included. It is ideal for gimbal motors, quadrupeds, robotic arms, and grippers. Check the list of tested motors here!

Recommended accessories:
- Power cable
- CAN cable
- Thermistor
- Programmer
- diametrically magnetized magnet

More info:
- Docs
- Github

Each spectral micro BLDC controller is Fully end of line tested.

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- 3 phase brushless FOC controller
- Voltage input: 12 - 28V
- Max continuous phase current: 2.8A
- Max power: 100W
- Control loop frequency: 5kHz
- Max electrical frequency: 460 Hz
- 14 bit magnetic encoder
- CAN and UART communication
- Daisy chain CAN and power connector
- EEPROM memory 16 Kbit
- Temperature sensor connector

  • Perfect for robotics

    Out of ideas for your own robot? Check our case studies and user builds using spectral micro BLDC controllers!

  • Open source firmware

    Firmware for spectral micro is open source, same as GUI and API.

  • Daisy chain

    Daisy chaining allows you to connect multiple motor controllers in series and reduce number of wires to just 4!

  • Easy to use and tune

    With autocalibration feature you can tune your motor controller in few minutes.

  • Compact size

    Spectral micro dimensions are 39 mm x 39 mm. It has 4 mounting holes that are spaced 31 mm apart, same as NEMA 17 motor format!

  • Python

  • ROS2

    Coming soon!

  • Arduino

    Coming soon!

  • SimpleFOC

    Coming soon!