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    If you want to source all the parts yourself and save some money, you can do that! Check the BOM and find the best deals. You can print all parts of Parol6 on 3D printer, they are also open-source

  • Video or PDF instructions!

    We know some of you prefer watching videos over reading lengthy PDFs. We've got you covered with detailed videos and assembly manuals!

  • Community!

    A big part of Source Robotics and PAROL6 is the communities we build. Join us, chat with others, or ask for help—there are thousands of people ready to connect with you!

  • Education

  • Research

  • Small automation

  • Affordable project

  • AI + Robotics

Trusted by industry leaders!

More than 250 PAROL6 robots are being used worldwide! They are in the hands of innovators, students, companies, and enthusiasts!

PAROL6 commander software

Python-based GUI and open source robot arm control software that allows you to program your robot using simple commands. It also features joint and Cartesian jogging, error reporting, loading and saving programs, and much more! It runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux, and best of all, it is open-source!

Download software!
  • Compact and safe!

    PAROL6 weighs only 6kg, and due to its small size, it can't hurt humans. It features standard mounting points for aluminum profiles, making it easy to mount on tables!

  • Open source!

    All the code we write for PAROL6 is open-source! The low-level code running on the robot's control board is Arduino-based, while the high-level code is in Python.

  • Capable

    Perfect for tasks like pick-and-place, gluing, and PCB testing, PAROL6 is an ideal choice for students as a development platform for their thesis or projects!

  • Multiple gripper options!

    PAROL6 can use electric adaptive grippers, pneumatic grippers, vacuum grippers, glue dispensers, and much more!


  • Payload: 1kg
  • Weight 5.5 kg
  • Reach: 400 mm with standard gripper
  • 6 DOF
  • Power consumption: 40W
  • Repetability: 0.2mm
  • Material: PETG
  • Rotation range:
  • 1 – 250 deg
  • 2 – 141 deg
  • 3 – 180 deg
  • 4 – 212 deg
  • 5 – 180 deg
  • 6 - ∞
  • Motors: Steppers
  • Gearboxes: precision planetary and bets
  • Number of isolated outputs: 2
  • Number of CAN buses: 1
  • Communication with master PC: USB
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