Faze4 - community showcase

Faze4 - community showcase

Since its release, Faze4 has become one of the most popular DIY 3D printed robotic arms, primarily used by university students and enthusiasts. 

Here are some cool builds of Faze4:

Faze4 and ROS integration

A great project where ROS and moveit are integrated with Faze4. Project is open-sourced and nicely documented on the github!

Link to github repo


Faze4 and Unity simulator

Project of modeling Faze4 robotic arm in unity and building working simulator for manipulating objects. Check out Ivans videos for more information!

 Faze4 as a university project

This is probably the best build of Faze4 robotic arm by the Turkish students. 

They used Faze4 as a tool for their bachelors thesis where they used Faze4 as a mechanical platform to implement their own control software structure!

Find out more about Faze4:

Faze4 GitHub page.

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